What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a focused 48hours nonstop event where you and a small team get to build something new and exciting, alongside a whole bunch of like-minded people.

Can I attend?

If you’re 15 or over, you’re welcome to apply.

Which challenges can I pick?

You will make your final choice of a challenge during the first day of the hackathon. 

Do I have to build something at the hackathon?

Yes, you are expected to create a prototype of your solution. This means a working piece of hardware, software or a mockup at least. You must write your code and build your prototype during the hackathon. However, the use of public APIs is allowed but must be mentioned in your final DEMO presentation.

Do I need a Computer Science or other programming-related degree to take part?

No — we welcome everyone to apply whatever your subject, university or business! Interest in Design, Engineering, Big Data and Technology is appreciated and will come in handy.

Does this cost money?

Entry is completely free — in fact if you will one of the selected hackers/teams we’ll even reimburse your travel costs up to 150 EUR in case you travel from outside the Czech Republic.

What will I eat?

Do not worry. We’ll provide plenty of food and drinks, leaving you to concentrate on your project. We do not provide food for on-line participants. 

Where will I sleep?

We’ll have room for you to nap in during the 48 hours nonstop Fri-Sun event. So take a mat and sleeping bag should you wish to stay on-premises. The venue will be open for 24 hours. But we advise you to find accommodation in the neighborhood should you wish to get real comfy:-). If you will be participating online you will sleep whenever:-).

What should I bring?

You’ll need a laptop for your hacking – everything else depends on your project. Bring along any hardware you might need but be aware we do not reimburse your expenses for HW bought prior to the event. Some hardware will be available for free at the Hackathon. If you realize you need some other HW piece than we offer at the place, we will try to get it right away. Should you have any questions about what to bring, do not hesitate to contact us.

How do teams work?

You can have a team of exactly 3 members. When you submit your application, you’ll be asked to form the team. You can also apply on your own and we will fix the rest of the team for you, but your chances of getting the invite are not as high if you apply as an individual.

Since I’m traveling from far away, can I get an increase in reimbursement?

We will try to make reimbursements as fair as possible. After all the applications have been reviewed, all invited applicants will be contacted with specifics about reimbursement details. However, if you’re traveling from outside the EU and your ticket is over 150 EUR, it is unlikely we’ll be able to make a significant contribution to your travel costs.

When will I find out whether I have a ticket?

We will be sending out email invitations two weeks before the Hackathon at the latest.

Will the prize money be all mine in case I win?

No, you will split it among all team members. But you still get a juicy bite!

What data will be available for my hack?

There will be plenty of partner data available and will be presented just before or at the hackathon.

What are the prizes for EHH2021?

1st PLACE – 3 000 EUR, 2nd PLACE – 2 000 EUR, 3rd PLACE – 1 000 EUR, Edwards Lifesciences Prize – 2 000 EUR, and more partner prizes to be announced.

Will teams have the right to keep the intellectual property rights of their idea?

Yes, all teams get to keep their intellectual property rights. By taking part, they only grant the organizers as well as their partners a license to use the idea.

Who are the judges and what are the criteria used by the judges in evaluating each project?

Winners are chosen by industry experts and our partners. Judges will evaluate each project based on the level of innovation, business potential, and level of the technical solution. 

How much time will we have for a pitch?

All participants will have to submit a form that will be shared with all hackers during the hackathon. Participants working both online and offline will have to submit a 2 min. video.

Can I be a member of multiple teams?

No. One participant can be a member of only one team. 


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